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New Hire Training

New Hire Safety Training

All new hires will need to take this class. You will be given an opportunity at the site to ask questions of any safety related issues that you may have.

COVID-19 Training

Safety is our overriding priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, not only does your safety matter, but also the safety of our clients. 

Touchpoint Cleaning and Disinfecting

This brief course on touchpoint cleaning will prepare you for the most basic cleaning job on Day 1. 

management courses

Cleanliness Auditor Training

Managers, supervisors, and even some team leads may need to take this class which covers the cleanliness audit process. The user will identify problem areas, evaluate them in a consistent and standard way, as well as follow through in order to ensure that the customer is receiving the standard of cleanliness they deserve.

Root Cause Analysis

Every site encounters challenges from time to time. Failing to address these issues in an effective and timely manner may cost both money and rapport with the client. In order to reduce these negative consequences and to drive continuous improvement, we seek to determine the underlying cause of the problems that occur. By using root cause analysis and countermeasures we should address our underlying problems and create useful solutions.

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